What is Act! CRM Software Used For?

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What is Act Software Used for?

Act! is used as a contact management and CRM software system that brings together all your customer data into a centralised database. The system enables users to records all customer details, contact details, notes, emails, documents and account history in a shared database for all users to access across your organisation.

Users of Act! include all customer facing staff in organisations, such as sales people, marketers, support staff, customer service reps and management. Act! CRM (previously known as Sage Act! software) has advanced features that allow users to manage sales pipelines, marketing campaigns, leads, activities, customer tracking, calendars and email marketing.

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Act! CRM

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Software That Automates Your Business Processes.

Act! is used in a lot more areas in your business than you would expect, the full list of uses include automating the following business processes;

  • Managing customer data
  • Sales force automation
  • Customer support
  • Supplier and vendor partner relationships
  • Marketing automation
  • Knowledge
  • Customer interaction
  • Accessing business critical information
  • Generate new leads and track progress of existing leads
  • It’s used to manage contracts
  • Customers and contacts
  • Employees
  • Assets

Whilst Act! CRM software is mainly used to manage customer and contact relationships, Act! CRM software is also used to manage contracts, support, assets, and supplier/vendor relationships.

Download the Act! CRM PDF Brochure.

What is Act!?

What Do Sales Teams Use Act! CRM for?

A large percentage of Act! users are in a sales role for their business and use Act! to manage their relationships with customers and prospects. The software allows sales users to track and schedule activities such as phone calls, meetings, to do’s and also record and send out emails and documents to contacts.

The Act! CRM software system also helps you to manage opportunities, sales forecasting, reporting and lead assignment.

Act CRM for Sales

The Components of Sales Force Automation in Act!

See User Productivity Increase

Productivity is vastly improved when sales and management use the sales force automation (SFA) features found in the software. Act! automates many of the repetitive and administration tasks that are time consuming for sales users to perform. By using SFA software sales reps can focus on more productive tasks such as selling, and not spend their time on non-revenue producing tasks.

See what Act! can do for your sales team whilst tracking sales performance.

Linking Act! CRM to Sage accounts also helps sales teams as they have key financial data at hand, including invoices, credit balances and client status. To see more information on how CRM and accounts can be linked together, read more.

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What is Act! Software Used for by Marketing?

Marketers use CRM software to automate and manage all aspects of their marketing efforts. The Act! marketing automation system helps marketing users to generate new leads, manage campaigns, email marketing, communicate with contacts, report on marketing effectiveness and to help improve the retention rates of existing customers, the system also bridges the gap between sales and marketing so all leads are followed up correctly.

Marketing Users of Act! use the Following Features to Help Drive Growth

  • Advanced automated email marketing campaigns
  • Landing page creation
  • Lead capture forms
  • Segmentation of contact groups for campaigns
  • Lead scoring:
  • Triggered emails
  • Tracking campaigns
  • Dynamic content
  • Perform A/B testing
  • Social media integration

Our marketing automation guide provides more information on how marketing departments can benefit from using Act!

Drive business growth with Act! Marketing Automation Software

How Do Management Benefit From Using Act! CRM?

From a sales management and business management perspective, CRM software such as Act! provides a valuable tool for managing data, sales, staff, processes, customers, marketing and gives a valuable insight into the performance of the business, through management reports and dashboards.

The Main Benefits to Managers Who use Act! Includes:

  • Provides an up to date overview of your sales team performance
  • Gives accurate sales pipeline updates and forecasts
  • Helps improves customer retention rates and profitability for your business
  • Drives new marketing leads and helps increase sales revenue
  • Act! software helps management, staff and teams collaborate better together

CRM also helps management by guiding them on their strategic goals whilst giving them operational control over every aspect of their company’s relationships with customers and contacts. See our guide on the top reasons to use Act!.

Act CRM Marketing Automation

How Is Act! Used to Help Support?

Delivering exceptional customer service is crucial to retaining existing customers. Act! provides support staff with the software tools to track and follow up support issues with contacts and clients.

The benefits of using CRM to manage your support include;

  • Log, track and resolve support calls and issues quickly and effectively
  • Deliver on customer expectations whilst exceeding support targets
  • Access client data including assets and support contracts
  • Maximise the effectiveness of each interaction with your customers
  • Allow your customers around the world to get the support they need

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