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Delivery Management Software

AlphaLogix have just released the most feature rich and powerful version of our Delivery Management Software and we’re excited about the benefits that it will bring to businesses across the UK and beyond.

If your business manages deliveries of any type, then take some time to look at our Delivery Management Software and the benefits it can bring to your business. From initial enquiry all the way through to consignment delivery with electronic signature capture, our Delivery Management Software manages the whole process from start to finish.

User Friendly Delivery Management Software

Delivery Management Software
AlphaMobile and Driver Route Planning

Leads and Opportunities are nurtured in your CRM and once converted into Jobs they are scheduled and allocated to your drivers for delivery.

The Jobs are sent straight to their mobile device, using the most effective and efficient routes available, all with only a few clicks.

In our experience it’s important that IT systems are user friendly, especially when working to minimise effort and maximise efficiency. The IT systems that we implement along with our Delivery Management Software are no exception to this rule.

Job Scheduling and Route Optimisation

Our delivery management software makes scheduling Jobs a quick and seamless process. Once a Job is received the driver obtains an instant notification to alert them.

Delivery Scheduler
AlphaScheduler – User Friendly

Dragging-and-dropping the Jobs into your web browser makes changes to the scheduled Jobs across the systems.

Drivers are notified as soon as there is a change to their existing Jobs and routes so that they are made aware and can take immediate action.

Back in the office the Transport and Delivery Operators are updated with crucial information in real-time:

  • Where the driver is right now
  • Which Job they’re currently en-route to
  • Which Jobs have been completed
  • Which Jobs are outstanding

The office receives customer signatures and any other supplementary images before the driver has even returned to the office or depot.

AlphaMobile – Linked with Google Maps

Delivery Management Software Key Features & Benefits

Whether you manage a fleet of vans or HGV’s to collect and deliver items of any type, or your team travels to deliver services, we have developed our Delivery Management Software to be flexible and suited for any industry that has a mobile workforce.

These are some of the key features and benefits that our solution can bring to your business right now.

Paperless – Businesses of all types are working towards a paperless environment and our software helps businesses achieve this goal. From consignment entry to driver and Job allocation, despatch and recording Customer Receipts on delivery, our Delivery Management Software removes the need for paperwork at each step of the process.

Real-time Tracking – Changes to driver’s delivery routes throughout the day can be frequent and it’s important to businesses that they can track and advise drivers of changes to routes and Jobs at any time. Our applications provide your Transport Managers and Operators, Consignment Allocators and Logistics Co-ordinators with the real-time tracking information.

Seamless Integration – Most businesses today utilise a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system which our Delivery Management Software will integrate with. Whether it’s Microsoft Dynamics CRMInfor CRM, or you don’t yet benefit from a CRM system, AlphaLogix can help!

Customer Satisfaction – This is often the key to the success of a business in today’s competitive markets. Customers need their consignments delivered without delay or miscommunication. Our delivery management software improves communication between the office and the driver significantly to help ensure your Customers receive their orders OTIF (On Time In Full).

Improved Driver Performance – Our delivery management software will consolidate your Jobs into optimised routes, making a notable improvement to your overall efficiency and delivery performance.

Signature & Image Capture – At the point of delivery, with only a few clicks the Customers signature along with any relevant pictures are captured and relayed back to the office for review. Delivery Confirmation along with other useful documents can be automatically emailed to Customers before the driver leaves your site!

Keep an eye out for future blogs from the team at AlphaLogix!

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