When was Sage 200 First Released?

The first version of Sage 200 came out in 2002 and was initially called Sage MMS (which is a legacy system now). Sage UK rebranded Sage MMS as Sage 200 in 2007 before renaming it Sage 200 in 2017. The accounting software has been extensively improved over the years, and Sage rebranded the product again as Sage 200, which is what it is known as today.

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What are the latest Sage 200 Version Numbers?

Sage have developed a series of regular software updates and upgrades over the years and assign a version number for each release. The latest release of Sage 200 is 2022 R2, which has a number of new features and updates, see our guide on What’s new in Sage 200.

Sage 200 Version Numbers

Listed below are the latest releases of Sage 200 since 2019.

  • 2022 R2 – Released 26 Aug 2022 – Internal Number 12.00.0047
  • 2022 R1 – Released 21 Feb 2022 – Internal Number 12.00.0046
  • 2020 R2 – Released 22 Dec 2020 – Internal Number 12.00.0041
  • 2020 R1 – Released 03 Mar 2020 – Internal Number 12.00.0036
  • Summer 2019 Enhancements – Released 21 Aug 2019 – Internal Number 12.00.0035
  • Spring 2019 Enhancements – Released 01 May 2019 – Internal Number 12.00.0031

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