What’s New in Sage 200?

Whats new in Sage 200 Standard

We are delighted to announce that Sage 200 Standard 2023 R2 release is now available! This release marks a significant milestone in our modernisation journey for Sage 200 building upon the web features introduced earlier and bringing you even greater flexibility and customisation options.

What’s New

The key highlight of this release for Sage 200 Standard is the introduction of the ability to customise existing web screens.

Now, you have the freedom to tailor the web interface to perfectly align with your customers’ unique requirements, enhancing their overall user experience.

Below is a taster of what you and our customers can expect but check out the detailed What’s New Datasheet for further information.

Useful Resources

As usual, you can find several assets to help you get informed about all the new features and improvements included on this release:

What’s New Sage 200 2023 R2

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Sage 200 R1 2023 – New Features

The latest version of Sage 200 is R1 2023 which was released in Feb 2023 and has lots of new features included, which can be viewed by downloading the what new datasheet.

What is New in Sage 200 2023 R1 Version – PDF
What’s New in Sage 200 2022 R2 Version – PDF
What’s New in Sage 200 2022 R1 Version – PDF
Download the latest Sage 200 Product Guide and Brochure PDF
Sage 50 vs Sage 200 Feature Comparison – PDF

The previous version was 2022 R2 which was released in August 2022, for Sage 200 Standard and Sage 200 Professional, this new software release supports customers with their Sales Processes, new features in Sage 200 2022 R2 include

1-   Web Screens: Sales Order Despatch

  • New Web Screens for the despatch process – browser accessible, anytime, anywhere.
  • Better user experience and greater flexibility to do business how, where and when you want.

2-    Sales Order Tracking Information

  • Set up couriers, Incoterms and reasons for export.
  • Enable your customers to self-serve and track orders, reducing the need for admin.

3-    Legislation: Intrastat Changes

  • Applicable to the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland only – changes to the rules surrounding Intrastat are now included in the software.
  • Stay compliant with the latest legislation, confident Sage 200 will help you navigate the constantly evolving legislation horizon.

4-    New API Functionality

  • New fields and/or changes to existing functionality to expand automation and development capabilities.
  • Extending the seamless integration with an establish ecosystem. Allowing increasing automation of workflows, customised to your business needs.

5-    Maintenance

  • Updates for a variety of services.
  • Additionally, resolving software issues.
  • Continuously working to maintain the cloud connected functionality, such as Invoice Payments and improving current functionality based on customer feedback.

For related information on previous Sage 200 versions.

Download the NEW Sage 200 Brochure in PDF format
Download the Sage 200 UK Price list – PDF

Sage 200 – What’s New 2022 R2?

Upgrading to the Latest Version

Our certified Sage 200 accounting specialists will help you discover how upgrading Sage 200 to the latest version will help improve your financial processes within your business. We will provide you with a free initial meeting and consultation call as well as fully justified costs and pricing for your requirements.

Contact us on 0330 043 0140 or email us at info@alphalogix.co.uk to discuss Sage 200 or to organise a meeting, consultation call, demonstration or personalised quote.

Guide to What’s New in Sage 200 2022 R1

The previous version before 2022 R2 was Sage 200 2022 R1, new features in this version include:

What’s New in Sage 200 2022 R1 Version – PDF

Sage 200 Professional 2022 R1

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Sage 200 Product Overview - Key Features

Our Professional Services Include:

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