AlphaLink links Sage 50 with Act! CRM
26th March 2015
C# .NET Developer job
27th March 2015
AlphaLink links Sage 50 with Act! CRM
26th March 2015
C# .NET Developer job
27th March 2015
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Infor CRM Training

At AlphaLogix we pride ourselves in the Infor CRM training we provide to our customers. Investing in a comprehensive CRM package is a commitment for any company and the training supplied should enable the maximum value to be extracted from the system purchased. AlphaLogix are proud to be a Business Partner for Infor CRM (formerly known as SalesLogix).

Infor CRM Training at alphalogix

Infor CRM Training at AlphaLogix.











Infor CRM Training – what to expect.

What is SalesLogix?
• Navigating SalesLogix.
• The SalesLogix Environment.
• The SalesLogix Workspace.
• Menus.
• Toolbar.
• Navigation Bar.

Navigating SalesLogix
• Navigation Bar Buttons.
• Quick Find.
• Lookup Labels and Commands.
• Navigating Buttons.
• Previous/Next Buttons.

SalesLogix Views
• List View.
• Detail View.
• Using the Middle Pane.
• Split View.

Accounts and Contacts
• What are Accounts and Contacts?
• Adding a New Contact and Account.
• Looking for Duplicates.
• Saving the New Contact and Account.
• Contact Detail View.
• Contact Details Tab.
• Account Detail View.
• Moving a Contact to Another Account.

• What are Opportunities?
• Opportunity Features.
• Sales Processes.
• Creating an Opportunity.
• Insert Opportunity.
• Opportunity Products.
• Opportunity Competitors.
• Opportunity Contacts.
• Closing an Opportunity.

Activities and Calendars
• What are Activities and Events?
• Activities.
• Types of Activities.
• Schedule an Activity from the Activities Tab.
• F3 Key – most important key in SalesLogix!!!!!
• Using Calendars.

Notes and Notes/History Tabs
• Filter Options.
• Attachments.
• Editing and Updating Attachments.

Lookups and Groups
• Performing Lookups and Searches.
• Predefined Lookups.
• Query Builder Lookups.
• Understanding Groups.
• Standard Groups.
• Creating a Standard Group.
• Ad Hoc Groups.
• Creating an Ad Hoc Group.
• Sharing Groups with Other Users.
Templates, Letters, and Mail Merge.
• Understanding Templates.
• Previewing a Template.

• Library and Synchronization.
• Adding a Folder.
• Adding a File.
• Deleting a Folder.
• Deleting a File.

• Introducing the Administrator.
• User Administration.
• New users.
• Adding a User.
• Teams and Security.

How to add fields (business type etc.) – Pick List Management
SalesLogix Architect
• Plugins.
• Release a Plugin for Use.
• Working with Templates.
• Release a Template for Use.

If you have any requests for standard or bespoke Infor CRM training please don’t hesitate to contact our team on We can travel to you or we can host you in our training room that has been recently equipped with a giant 70″ flat screen monitor.