Sage Cloud Hosting

Hosted Sage Accounts and Sage Payroll in the Cloud

Sage Hosting in the Cloud

We offer a comprehensive Sage cloud hosting service for Sage accounting and payroll software products, including hosting Sage 50 accounts, Sage Payroll and other accounts and ERP products such as Sage 200 and Sage X3. Your Sage software is hosted at our UK datacentre and users can easily access Sage financial data in the Cloud from any device with internet connection.

Our Cloud Hosting Services for Sage:

  • Hosted Sage 50 Cloud accounts
  • Sage Payroll Hosting
  • Sage 200 Hosting
  • Sage X3 Hosting
  • Sage for Accountants Hosting
  • Hosted Sage Taxation

Our Sage Cloud hosting service enables multiple users of Sage at different locations to share your Sage accounts data over the internet, users can access Sage accounting data in the Cloud from any location using any device, including Windows, Macs, iPads and Android devices.

We provide a dedicated hosted server where we install your copy of Sage Software and users can connect using a simple remote desktop from their PC, laptop or mobile device.

Sage Hosting Provider - AlphaLogix

What are the Benefits of Hosting Sage Software in the Cloud?

Many companies choose to install Sage accounts or ERP on their own servers and manage the IT and hosting themselves, however outsourcing your Sage hosting and IT Services to a Cloud specialist such as AlphaLogix brings a host of benefits:

  • 24/7 access to accounts data from any location
  • Hosting Sage in the Cloud enables you to reduce IT overheads as there is no need for expensive servers or hardware
  • Your accountant can easily access your company accounts which helps reduce auditing costs
  • Bookkeepers can easily access accounts data
  • Avoid expensive upfront Sage setup costs
  • If you travel to client sites, a hosted Sage in the Cloud allows you to access files from any location such as your home or whilst at a customer’s site
  • Our hosted servers store your Sage accounts data in a secure environment where data is encrypted over the internet

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