What is Sage 200 Business Intelligence?

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What is Sage 200 Business Intelligence?

Sage (BI) or Sage 200 Business Intelligence is part of the Sage 200 core platform for on-premise and subscription versions, it is still not available for the Sage 200 cloud version. BI gives you access to a range of management dashboards and important data, so you can access and analyse important accounting and financial data.

Sage 200 Business Intelligence is an advanced reporting tool that helps you make more informed business decisions by analysing key performance indicators and metrics, so you can strategically plan for growth. It does this by identifying key patterns and trends in your accounts data, so you get a better understanding of your organisation.

What are the benefits of better business intelligence for your business?

  • View and monitor KPI indicators
  • Highlight extra income and revenue opportunities
  • Helps you respond and change to business conditions
  • Gives you greater insight for business growth
  • Improves productivity by highlighting areas for improvement

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  • Download the Sage 200 Business Intelligence Data-sheet
  • Download the Sage 200 Business Intelligence Brochure
  • Download the Sage 200 Business Intelligence User Guide

What are the key features in Sage 200 Business Intelligence?

We have listed below some of the main key features in the BI module:

  • There are a range of predefined data cubes. The Sage BI system has 8 Commercial cubes, 5 Financial cubes and 3 Project cubes. This allows for quick reporting on you accounting data.
  • The system uses Excel for reporting and analytics, this allows for easy report formatting, you can also use macros and calculations to enhance the reporting capabilities.
  • Key predefined reports are available out of the box with the Business Intelligence software, this means you can start using meaningful reports from day one.
  • BI is very easy to use and understand, you do not need any prior technical knowledge, just the means to use Excel.
  • Reliable Microsoft SQL database. Sage 200 BI uses Microsoft’s reliable and quick SQL database, so you can quickly create reports.
  • Powerful report wizard. BI has a useful and easy to use report wizard, so you can change report layouts based on your requirements.
  • View data in dynamic charts. You can view and present data into easy to add graphical charts which is also useful for presentations on your financial performance.
  • Produce great looking reports with flexible layout options. Sage 200 Business Intelligence has flexible report layout options which enables you to create great looking dashboards and reports.

What are the Costs for Sage 200 Business Intelligence?

The Business Intelligence module comes as standard when you purchase the Sage 200 Platform at £5650 for the on-premise version, and if you go for the subscription pricing model it costs £190 per month. You cannot purchase BI as an individual module it just comes as standard when you purchase the Sage 200 Platform. There are no additional costs when you buy additional users for Sage 200.

Sage 200 Business Intelligence is not available for the cloud version, it is also not available for Sage 200 standard, it is only available for the on-premise version which would have to be installed on your server.

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