Sage 50 Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365

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Sage 50 Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365

Integration with Sage 50 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to see valuable accounting data from Sage 50 in Microsoft’s customer relationship management system, this allows sales and customer service employees to see important accounting information, putting you sage 50 accounts and Microsoft CRM data in one place.

The Sage 50 and Microsoft CRM integration allows you to create sales orders and invoices in CRM that are applied to Sage 50, the integration also links customer accounts and products, this helps efficiency in your business by avoiding data re-entry.

Bringing together the UK’s most popular accounts system Sage 50 and Microsoft CRM allows you to get the best of both worlds. To discuss your integration requirements, call AlphaLogix on 0845 257 3141 or email is at 

Key Features of Sage 50 and Microsoft CRM Integration

Some of the key features include:

  • Invoices created in Sage are stored in Dynamics CRM, so you get to see relevant accounting information.
  • Customer data and product data are automatically synchronised between Sage and Microsoft.
  • Sales orders in Microsoft CRM are automatically created in Sage 50.
  • Invoices stored as PDF’s in CRM.
  • Nominal ledger and VAT ledger are controlled by Sage.
  • View a complete trading history within Dynamics CRM.
  • Drill down on sales orders and invoices in CRM.
  • See outstanding balance and payment status.

What are the benefits of the Sage 50 and Microsoft CRM Integration

Integrating Dynamics and Sage 50 will help to boost your company’s productivity and make business processes more streamline. It will help remove the silos of data in your business and make your operations more optimised. The 3 main benefits of integrating CRM and accounts software are:

A 360-degree view of your customer. The first advantage of integration is that you get a complete 360-degree view of all activities in the business, from first point of contact to closing the sale and raising an order. By having this information in one place allows you to get a better understanding of buying habits and customer needs, which can then be used in future marketing campaigns to nurture new opportunities.

Streamline business processes. Another example of integrating Sage 50 with CRM is that you radically cut down on duplication of data entry which saves times and makes your business more streamline and increases productivity.

Better access to critical information. When Sage and Microsoft are integrated this provides employees access to key information in real time. Customer service and sales reps can answer queries regarding accounts status, invoices and outstanding balances.

To discuss your integration requirements, call AlphaLogix on 0845 257 3141 or email is at

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