What is Infor CRM Support Module?

Infor CRM Support is a module within the Infor CRM customer relationship management (CRM) application.

With the costs of acquiring new customers 5-10 times higher than retaining existing customers, Infor CRM can have a tremendous impact on the bottom line by helping foster lasting relationships with your customers:

  • Give your people the advanced issue tracking and resolution tools they need to resolve issues quickly and effectively
  • Deliver beyond your customers’ expectations and exceed your support department’s performance goals
  • Access relevant customer data – including products purchased, ticket and defect history, and maintenance contract status
  • Maximise the effectiveness of each interaction with your customers
  • Allow your customers around the world to get the support they need, how and when they need it, through self-service Web options


  • With all the tools at your peoples’ fingertips, you can deliver top-quality customer support
  • Build long-lasting, profitable customer relationships
  • One view of the customer: colleagues in sales and marketing can see where there are support issues – and opportunities
  • Provide quantitative feedback to products and service development teams


Account and contact management

  • Access detailed information about the customers your department supports
  • View ticket assignments, priority weightings, and notification requests
  • Link attachments and comments to records for historical reference

Ticket management

  • Automatically assign tickets to the appropriate resource, based on area of expertise
  • Record the status, urgency and nature of the issues, and track time-to-resolution
  • Store and review comments, attachments, and an activity history
  • Solve issues then archive resolutions in the knowledge base for future reference

Support contract management

  • Track contract details including ID number, type, service level, amount, and end date
  • Manage multiple contract types—per incident, time period, or cost amount
  • “Punch-in” and “Punch Out” to track time spent on individual support issues

SpeedSearch/Knowledge Base

  • Perform an advanced keyword search of any Infor CRM table or shared network directory
  • Reference prior tickets, attachments, standard problems and resolutions, activities, and notes /history
  • Search reference materials such as online manuals, FAQs, or white papers
  • Scan search results efficiently with advanced filtering, scoring, sorting, and preview capabilities

Defect tracking

  • Track defect details including ID number, type, severity, priority, status, and description
  • View associated tickets, Return Material Authorisations (RMA)s, attachments, and product information

Return Material Authorisations (RMA)

  • Ensure product returns are processed efficiently and accurately
  • Record defects, shipping instructions, serial numbers, attachments, and comments

Standard problems and resolutions

  • Access solutions to frequently recurring issues quickly and efficiently
  • Automatically populate resolutions into tickets after performing a lookup


  • Document common processes used in solving customer problems
  • Assign a title and subject, create date, and confidence level for each procedure

Product tracking

  • Associate products with accounts, tickets, defects, contracts, or RMAs
  • View information on product codes, names, vendors, and pricing

Sales and support integration

  • Arm sales reps with a history of their customers’ support issues and details
  • View the status, urgency, issue, ticket ID, and dates for open and closed tickets