Sage 200 Upgrade

A quick guide to upgrading Sage 200 to the latest version

Why Upgrade Sage 200?

Upgrading Sage 200 to the latest version enables you to use new features and product capabilities in the software release. If you are using the Cloud version of Sage 200, the upgrade is applied automatically by Sage at their datacentre. The on-premise version upgrade for Sage 200 needs to be applied to your current installation setup.

Sage has continued to develop Sage 200 in recent years making it even more powerful and flexible than ever, an upgrade for your Sage 200 implementation to the latest version brings a host of benefits to your business.

Sage 200 upgrades add new features, functionality, fixes issues which all helps to increase productivity and user adoption rates.

Many companies believe that upgrading Sage 200 to the latest version is a costly and time-consuming process. In fact, it can be a very simple process, and if you are using Sage 200 Standard, the upgrades are applied automatically.

If you are using accounts software like Sage 50 and want to upgrade to Sage 200, there are a number of tools available that will bring your existing financial data over.

Download our Migration guide for Upgrading from Sage 50 to Sage 200
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Sage 200 Overview – Sage 200 Standard and Professional

Sage 200 Overview – Sage 200 Standard and Professional

When software grows outdated, issues start to become increasingly obvious. The system is slower, it has software bugs and becomes more frustrating to deal with on a day to day basis.

Updating Sage will improve processes and performance, which saves users valuable time.

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What's New in the Latest Version of Sage 200?

The new version of Sage 200 is designed around three key themes: simplicity, improved customer experience, and better-connected data.

Over the years Sage has continuously added new features and functionality, the latest update includes:

  • Making Tax Digital
  • Faster online payments with Stripe, PayPal, and GoCardless
  • Cross-selling items
  • Suggested and preferred items for customers
  • Customer alerts
  • Scan and attach documents to purchase invoices and credit notes
  • Send messages to contacts using Skype
  • View addresses in Google map
  • Top requested ideas from customers

What is Sage 200 Used For?

Upgrade to Sage 200 from Older Versions

Since its launch in March 2007, there have been over 15 major releases and updates for Sage 200, many of the older releases are no longer supported which means that there is no technical support, no developer support, no legislative updates and no fixes for bugs.

Many organisations choose to upgrade to the latest version of Sage 200 to take advantage of new features whilst ensuring they are using a fully supported environment.

What’s New in Sage 200 Professional

Sage Support Dates

This table details previous versions of Sage 200 and the end of support date, this helps you plan updates ensuring you are always using the latest version.

We help many sites make the transition to the latest version of Sage 200, we are familiar with all previous versions so that you can be ensured the transition will be as seamless as possible.

Upgrading from Sage 50 to Sage 200

Many Sage 50 users upgrade to Sage 200 because of company growth, the need for more advanced functionality and increasingly complex business processes that put pressure on their existing accounts software.

Common changes undertaken by Sage 50 customers include increasing their employee numbers, expanding their product range and placing more emphasis on trading with overseas clients, changes like these are the trigger to upgrade to Sage 200.

Upgrading to Sage 200 from Sage 50 is a natural progression for many organisations as both systems have a similar look and feel, so user adoption is very high.

Common triggers for Sage 50 customers to upgrade to Sage 200:

  • Growth of the company
  • Business processes becoming more complex
  • More in-depth functionality required
  • Business Intelligence and Management Reporting
  • Advanced handling of foreign currency
  • Stock control in multiple warehouses
  • Batch or serial number processing
  • Greater control over financial periods
  • Greater choice of CRM functionality
  • An increased need for customisation
  • An industry specialism

The cost of upgrading to Sage 200 from Sage 50 will vary as it is dependent on the version of Sage 200 you decide to go with. Sage do offer financial discounts for migrating Sage 50 users.

Upgrading from Other Accounting Systems

Many companies want to upgrade to Sage 200 from competitive accounting systems because they require improved flexibility, enhanced functionality, access to advanced features and a modern user interface.

AlphaLogix has helped numerous companies upgrade their existing accounting system to Sage 200, our qualified consultants will manage all aspects of data transfer, implementation, configuration, training, and technical support.

Sage often offers incentives for organisations moving away from a competitive system, this helps reduce the initial license costs.

Sage 200 Overview

Frequently Asked Questions

Sage ended support of Sage 200 R2 in August 2023 and Sage 200 Cloud 2017 had its end of support date in January 2023, Sage 200 2022 R1 will have an expected end of support in February 2024 where all updates, patches and legislative changes are withdrawn.

How Much Does It Cost to Upgrade Sage 200?

The cost of Sage 200 upgrades can vary depending on the version of the software you are using, it also depends if you are using the on-premise version or online version.

Upgrade costs for Sage 200 online – Software updates are automatically applied free of charge for online users of Sage 200 who are on a subscription plan.

Sage 200 on-premise upgrade costs – Organisations who pay the annual support and maintenance charge (known as services) will not have to pay for any software updates, your business partner will normally apply a charge for time and expenses to upgrade the software.

Organisations that use unsupported versions of Sage 200 or use line100/MMS might have to purchase the licenses again before upgrading.

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