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Upgrading from Sage 50 to Sage 200

Many Sage 50 users outgrow their existing software, company growth and development can put pressure on their accounting software leading to a system that no longer matches business and customer requirements.

The natural progression for many Sage 50 customers is to migrate to Sage 200 which is a powerful and extremely flexible solution which can be customised for their business in order to handle increasingly complex business processes, Sage 200 Extra is a business wide suite of software that has evolved from Sage Line 100 and Sage MMS.

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Common Triggers for migrating from Sage 50 to sage 200 include:

Our certified consultants can demo all the following modules (where relevant to your business) of Sage 200:

Batch traceability and serial number.
Company growth and the need for more users.
A need for a more powerful reporting platform.
Advanced handling of foreign currencies.
Full control over financial periods.
Integration between Front office (CRM) and Back-office (Accounts).
Ability to track stock in multiple locations and warehouses.
More complex business processes and the need for customisation.
A specialism in a vertical market.
System performance and speed for users.
Multiple cost centres.
More powerful nominal ledger.
The need for an SQL database which handles large volumes of data without a performance compromise.
Role based access as well as different structure levels to maintain control.

Other Reasons

Another major reason for Sage 50 customers to migrate is to use a cloud based solution, Sage 200 Extra Online is a new cloud based version of Sage 200 Extra, which provides a low cost monthly subscription option for Sage 50 customers who wish to upgrade to Sage 200.

Sage has designed both Sage 50 and Sage 200 to look very similar, this allows users to make the transition from one system to another with the minimum amount of training and user acceptance. Other advantages over Sage 50 include:
Up to 50 concurrent desktop users and up to 100 web users (some sites have in excess of 80 users).
Analysis codes - Sage 200 allows up to 20 analysis codes to be allocated to each module for additional reporting purposes.
Transaction analysis - Analysis codes can be applied to all transactions that result in a nominal posting. The transaction analysis codes offer another level of analysis in addition to those already available such as transaction type, cost centre, or department.
Excel Reporting - Excel reporting allows customers to extract data from Sage 200 and then filter, format, pivot and run deeper analysis using the familiar format of Excel..

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Sage 200 advantages over Sage 50

3 tier nominal structure - Sage 200 offers a three tier nominal structure which utilises Cost Centres and Departments. These are allocated to a nominal code which is already part of a nominal category for management reporting.
Alpha-numeric nominal codes can be used as a 4th tier nominal structure if required.
Business Intelligence - Effectively analyse critical business information for agile decision-making and improved visibility across your organisation with powerful analytical tools.
Authorisation - Apply various levels of authorisation limits and also authorise orders remotely via a secure website whilst out of the office, making sure your business doesn’t stop when you’re not at your desk.
Serial and batch traceability - Sage 200 allows full serial and batch traceability which enables the management of stock by ‘sell by,’ ‘use by,’ and stock group. Up to 20 analysis codes can be allocated to stock transactions so customers can monitor all movements and trace back the order for product recalls.
Closed period accounting - Periods can be opened or closed so management reports don’t fluctuate once a month, quarter, or year has passed. If a transaction is entered in a closed period, the transaction date still exists, but the nominal codes will be updated in the closest open period.

We have offices in London and throughout the country and our consultants will travel to your company.
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