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What are the Sage 50c Accounting Software Costs and Pricing?

Sage 50c is the most popular accounting software in the UK with over 400,000 companies using it. The cost for Sage 50c depends on which version you choose; the costs start at £20 per month for Sage 50c Essentials up to £125 per month per user for Sage 50c Professional which is the top end version. The mid-range version is Sage 50c Standard with pricing starting from £60 per user per month. Sage has changed the pricing model to a subscription cost per user per month and do not promote on premise licensing to businesses any more.

With Sage 50c you are able to:

  • Create and send invoices out
  • Use Cash Flow tracking with links to your bank
  • Manage VAT
  • Integrate with office 365
  • Integrate with Sage Payroll
  • Automate processes
  • Control stock and inventory
  • View and create Powerful Reports
  • View Customer, Supplier and Company Dashboards

Example Costs for Sage 50c Essentials

Sage 50c Essentials is the entry level version, and you can buy only up to 2 users which costs £20 per user per month (plus VAT).

The price includes support and software updates. However you will need to work with a Sage 50 business partner like AlphaLogix for training and setup. The price of £20 per month + VAT includes a support package for telephone support with Sage, and online plus support. There is a 1-day data repair services package included in this price. You can pay monthly or pre-pay on an annual plan. When you buy Sage 50c Essentials you get the software as a download ready to install, or you can get a partner like AlphaLogix to setup the software and train the users.

Key Features when you buy Sage 50c Essentials

  • Number of users up to 2
  • Manage expenses, payments, income and cashflow
  • Office 365 integration
  • Great reports and dashboard for key KPI's
  • VAT returns and online returns to HMRC
  • Cloud access and backup
  • Mobile apps
  • This version of Sage 50 is not multi-company
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Costs for Sage 50c Standard

Sage 50c Standard is the next version up in the Sage 50c range.

Costs for Sage 50c Standard start from £60 per user per month with VAT on top. This version has more features than Essentials, such as multi-company, but you can still only buy up to 2 users. As with the Essentials version you can pay monthly or purchase an annual plan. Costs include a support plan with Sage or your chosen Business Partner, but do not include training or setup.
The Sage 50c is similar in features to Essentials, however, you can track and manage stock and have multi-departments and budgets to help to manage costs and report on your business operation.

Pricing for Sage 50c Professional

Sage 50c Professional is the more powerful software in the Sage 50c range and starts from £125 per user per month, up to 20 users.  It has in-depth stock control and reporting allowing you to manage all aspects of your accounting requirements in your business. You can have unlimited multiple companies setup in the Professional version, it also allows you to:

  • Track and manage stock
  • Manage multiple departments and budgets
  • Track Project income, expenses and profit
  • Create Sales and Purchase Orders
  • Trade in Multiple Currencies
  • Office 365 integration with 1 user free included in the price

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The support costs are included in the monthly subscription amount, costs for training, setup and implementation are extra, call AlphaLogix for a free Sage 50c Demo or to buy Sage 50c today!