Infor CRM Online – The Cloud Version of this Powerful CRM Solution

Infor CRM online (formerly known as SalesLogix Cloud) is the Cloud version of this extremely powerful customer relationship management enterprise solution. The Cloud has grown in popularity and continues to be the preferred choice for companies implementing CRM solutions for the first time, the top benefits of moving your CRM online are:

Low Overheads

By having your CRM in the Cloud means lower overheads for your organisation as upgrades, maintenance and system admin. and are managed by Infor CRM, this means you do not have to spend weekends upgrading to a newer version. Having CRM in the Cloud also means you do not have to invest in expensive servers and operating systems to support the software. Cloud CRM allows for quick deployment of Infor CRM so you do not incur costs on expensive staff resources.

High Availability

Cloud software architectures are designed from the ground up for maximum network performance, so they frequently deliver better application-level availability than conventional, on premise solutions.

Subscription Pricing

Having your CRM solution in the Cloud means you do not have to outlay a large initial capital to get the system up and running, you simply pay as you go either monthly per user or on an annual basis. There is also no annual maintenance charge, it is built into the pay-as-you-go charge so you can budget a lot easier, which helps cash flow.


Having your CRM in the Cloud helps improve security by offering disaster recovery and backup, provided by Infor CRM. In addition, the level of security available from Infor CRM on line is often higher than most companies would have the resources to provide themselves if their CRM was on premise.

Ease of access at anytime

Infor CRM for the Cloud allows easy access for remote users and different locations at any time; this helps support remote users and a highly mobile workforce, such as sales and service staff.

Other benefits of Infor CRM online are that it provides a large storage space with up to 100 GB of storage space per 50 users which isunrivalled in the industry. Infor CRM for the Cloud is also highly customisable so it is usually able to match the processes that you require in your business. If at any time you want to change from online to on premise there is an easy process to follow to put your data on your own servers.

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