Sage Intacct for Non-Profit (NFP) and Charities

Cloud Accounting Software for Charities, Not for Profit (NFP) and NPO Organisations

What is Sage Intacct Not for Profit (NFP) & Charities?

Sage Intacct Not for Profit (NFP) and Charities accounting software helps non-profit (NPO’s) and charitable organisations to manage their finances and accounts including donations, trust funds, grants, expenses, bank reconciliation to making outgoing payments electronically and compliance.

Sage Intacct for NFP’s, Charities and NPO’s is used in a wide range of non-profit organisations:

  • Community improvement and capacity building
  • Educational non-profit organisations
  • Faith-based organisations
  • Charitable organisations
  • Non-profit healthcare organisations
  • Human services organisations
  • International non-profits and NGOs
  • Membership organisations
  • Philanthropic organisations

Sage Intacct for Charities and Non-profits is designed as a modern Cloud based accounting solution for Small to Medium sized charities, as well as larger multi-national charities with multiple locations.


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Running a Successful Charity and Non-profit Organisation as a Business – Whitepaper
Sage for Charities

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How Can Sage Intacct help Charities and Not for Profit Organisations?

Sage Intacct for Non-profit organisations enables you to.

  • Manage your Charity and NFP financials and accounts
  • Make sense of financial grants, donations and overheads
  • Easily accept payments and donations from anywhere
  • Get a complete view of your cashflow to review income and outgoings
  • Manage donations and expenses, collaborate instantly with board members and cut your admin time
  • Manage trust funds
  • Advanced real time reporting
  • Consolidate multiple locations

Running a Successful NFP as a Business with Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct for Charities and non-profits

Navigate complexity with speedy consolidations

With push-button consolidations, you get fast closings and real-time analytics – in minutes, not weeks – for maximum impact on your non-profit’s performance.

How can your non-profit achieve efficiency and clarity when you’re operating different legal entities with different currencies and different tax jurisdictions?

Forget the headaches of spreadsheets and manual reconciliations. Sage Intacct’s sophisticated multidimensional database lets you aggregate transactions and activities across your non-profit organisation:

  • Multiple entities
  • Multiple currencies
  • Multiple grants and donors
  • Multiple locations

Sage Intacct for Charities and Non-profits Fundraising Dashboard

Give Donors a Clearer Picture with Comprehensive Fund Accounting

Many non-profits receive dozens or hundreds of grants and directed donations in separate income streams. And donors rightfully want to know how their investments are faring. Sage Intacct fund accounting creates separate closes for each revenue source along with a regular series of specific reports, each with its own unique requirements, for every funder.

Sage Intacct fund accounting helps generate:

  • Statements of activities
  • Statements of financial position
  • Statements of cash flow

Stronger Internal Controls and Tighter Cash Management

Sage Intacct financial management platform gives you features for centralised control and distributed responsibility in one system, so you can:

  • Manage monies by grants/donors, programs, geographies, and other dimensions.
  • Achieve a granular level of accuracy.
  • Set budgets for each event, campaign, program, and funder.
  • Track the actuals to create tighter controls and prevent unexpected outcomes.
  • Manage capital budgets.

Complete Visibility and Transparency

Transparency is essential for securing and keeping donors and sponsors on board. Sage Intacct provides:

  • Speed– With Sage Intacct, you can quickly see what’s happening across your non-profit organisation.
  • Accuracy– Your board demands the same calibre of reporting and analysis from the for-profit world.
  • Clarity– See financial and operational data in new ways for actionable insights and smarter decisions.

Product Capabilities include:

  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Allocations management
  • Budgeting and planning
  • Cash management
  • Dimensional general ledger
  • Fixed assets
  • Fund accounting
  • Grant tracking and billing
  • Inventory management
  • Multi-entity and global consolidations
  • Order management
  • Purchasing
  • Reporting and dashboards
  • Revenue recognition
  • Spend management
  • Time and expense management
  • Vendor payment services

How Children's Hunger Fund Makes Faster Financial Decisions with Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct for Non-Profits and Charities Discounted Pricing

The Sage Foundation NPO Success programme provides discounted Sage Business Cloud subscriptions so you can save time, reduce costs, eliminate errors and achieve compliance – everything you need to efficiently manage your accounting, operations and people.

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