Sage Line 200 Accounting Solution

Sage line 200 is an accounting software solution from Sage that helps you manage your finances. It is the system that many Sage line 50 users upgrade to as it offers greater functionality and customisation. Sage 200 provides a three-tier nominal accounting structure that allows you to link specific jobs or projects, in addition to stock traceability across multiple locations and the ability to track costs.

Sage 200 offers a range of additional modules that you can purchase that further extends functionality to increase efficiency within your organisation:

Sage 200 Financials

Financials comes as standard when you purchase the core platform. Sage 200 Financials allows you to manage your financial position and has a nominal ledger, sales ledger, purchase ledger and cashbook. It has a feature to manage multiple companies, so you can consolidate your profit and loss and balance sheets throughout a group of companies.
The financials module allows you to invoice and raise purchases whilst allowing you to handle multi-currency and bank feeds.
Financials also offers a flexible nominal code structure for improved reporting, as well as many time saving features such as automated statements, standing orders and direct debit.Learn More about Sage 200c Financials

Sage line 200 Commercials

Commercials is an add on that allows you to manage all aspects of sales order processing, purchase order processing and stock management.It has a very comprehensive stock management functionality where you can manage batch and serial tracking.A key differentiator between Sage line 50 and Sage 200 is that the commercials module allows you to manage stock across multiple locations more efficiently. See more about Sage 200 Commercials here...

Sage line 200 Project Accounting

Manufacturing allows you to streamline your production scheduling so that it saves you time and resourcesOverheads and profitability so you have a single view of every project in your business. See more about Sage 200 Project Accounting here...

Sage line 200 Manufacturing

Manufacturing allows you to streamline your production scheduling so that it saves you time and resources.Improves efficiency and reduces costs and delivery times. Powerful reporting helps you monitor progress and gain useful business insight. See more about Sage 200 Manufacturing here...

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